Agriculture sector switching for green

There are many sectors that produce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Agriculture itself represents 10% of it. In this article, the authors discuss how it comes from different areas such as cows belching methane or tractors burning diesel. They also state that farming is in constant exchange with the atmosphere, since raising livestock gives off methane. But there are ways to make a difference in that exchange. To fight against it, Biden’s government instored a program of carbon credits, for farmers who use techniques that reduce emissions. He also promised to bring emissions to net-zero by 2050. This solution is helpful, but farmers are not using it at its full potential, considering that they could have much more credit that they already have. The government wants the sector to use techniques such as special feeds to make cows belch less or digesters that can turn methane from manure into biofuel. Another issue with this program is how to reward farmers who already use those techniques. Some environmental groups are stressed about rewarding famers who would probably make those changes either way. Overall, they are confident that this program will work, and generations over generations of farmers will stick with those practices. 

Personally, I do think that this program could encourage farmers all over the United States to make some changes in the techniques they are using. Greenhouse gas emissions are the most important cause of climate change, and if we, as a society,  can reduce it in any sector, we should definitely do so. Although, I believe that rewarding farmers for something  they should naturally do, is not the best optic of the situation. They should instead finance farmers who need help to pay for those changes in technologies or techniques. Overall, I do believe that this is a good priming to changes in global warming. 

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Halle Watt avril 26, 2021, 18:52

Hi Carolanne, I thought your post was well written and enjoyable to read. I think it was super informative and helps people to get a better understanding of how agriculture plays a role in the release of greenhouse gases. It also informs people on what steps the United States is taking in order to reduce emissions. I think it was great how you included some of the techniques the government wants farmers to use, and how some of them have already put them into practice. It is important to educate people on the effects farming has on our environment because since it plays a big role in our life. I liked how you added your personal opinion at the end, and I totally agree with you! However, I do think rewarding farmers for something they should already be doing is good because it gives them even more of a push to make those changes. I like the idea you brought up about making the reward a financial reward instead. Farmers would be more likely to make those changes in technologies or techniques. Overall great work and I learned something new.

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