April research and commentary

Serina Strangman


Stress Related to Professional education on medical students and various coping strategies.


Summary (Review):

What is the research question? Identify the impact of study related stress on medical students and their abilities to use various coping strategies.

What is the research methodology? The students filled out questionnaires that included Perceived stress scale a 5-point scale and Adolescent coping strategies which studies the ability of an individual to cope with any given stress in life.

○ Who are the participants? First year to final year MBBS medical students (total of 500 students)

○ What do the participants do? They fill out the questionnaires listed above. 

○ How are the results collected? The tools used to collect data from medical students were Perceived stress scale and Adolescent coping strategies both widely used statistic tools.

● What do the results say? Out of 500 students 445 (89.7%) were moderately affected by study related stress while the other 55 (10.3%) students faced severe stress during their college life.

● What are the conclusions? Study related stress is very common in medical students and more pronounced during specific testing/examinations times throughout the semester. Students identified that some ways they released the stress was joking and laughing with family/friends, some went toward smoking and others got professional help and or talk to their teachers/seniors.


Critique (Analysis)

● Is the research question valuable? I believe this research question holds value because so many students and especially medical students face serious stress, and everyone has a different coping strategy to help them through the stress.

● Are the methods a good way to explore the research question? I don’t think this is a bad way to explore students mental health/stress and coping strategies, but I also believe there may have been a better detailed result.

○ Right population? – Good choice of research participants? I think college students are a great population to research when it comes to being stressed.

○ Right experimental steps? – Good choice of data collection? Not an awful way to collect the research data but not the most efficient.

● Do the results speak to the research question? Yes, the results support the question because it shows how during certain times of the semester students are more stressed than others and they explain the different ways they cope with their stress.

● Does the conclusion match the results? Yes, they both support the same idea that college students show their stress throughout their college education and how they need coping strategies.

Pertinence (Application)

● How does this research have relevance for:

○ Health Practioners? Understanding causes for stress in students and explain healthy coping mechanisms for the students to try to deter students from turning to more unhealthy substances.

○ Patients? Understanding there are coping strategies and who to go to for help.

○ Anatomy and Physiology or Chemistry/Biochemistry Education? Mental health/ stress can fall into the Biochemistry education category.

○ Students? Maybe how to prevent themselves from gaining educational stress throughout the semester with better time management and some other possible strategies.

○ Teachers? Understanding why some students may fall behind or struggle in certain classes.

○ Yourself and your goals? Trying to adapt better strategies like time management to prevent from educational stress and understand down time is needed as well to really achieve.  

● How can the results/conclusions impact upon your teaching and learning? By being more self-aware and allowing myself the proper work, study, and down time to manage stress levels to remain healthier.

Works cited

Hammad A, Naeem M, Usmani SY, Hussain W. Educational stress and coping strategies among medical students. Professional Med J 2020; 27(8):1575-1581. DOI: 10.29309/TPMJ/2020.27.08.4192


Xiomara Ayala avril 24, 2021, 02:52

Hey Serina, I found this post to be important, not only for medical students, but for all students as well. Medical students go through a lot of stress because they study for hours and take extremely hard classes. I would agree that medical students are more stressed during exams or finals. Lots of other students are like this as well, myself included. Most people just need good time management in order to organize their school work and other activities. Seeing how the results show that mostly everyone showed stress makes me want to rethink medical school!

Adriana Concepcion avril 25, 2021, 12:51

Hello Serina. The topic you chose for this assignment is very interesting. Especially to us that are college students during this pandemic. Stress is something that many people go through and it is just sad. there are times that I find myself just laying in bed thinking about all I have to do for my classes and I just cannot find a way to get up and get it done. Not because I do not want to do it, but because I get so stressed over it. I think this article is very interesting and quite accurate.

Kali Dodier avril 26, 2021, 19:13

Hi Serina, as a fellow student working towards a career in the health field I found this to be a very related research subject. There is a quite a large amount of schoolwork required of medical students. I often find myself getting stressed and a bit overwhelmed at times. Its good for fellow medical students to know they are not in it alone and are not the only ones who may be feeling stressed. I would be curious to know if this article touched more on what students can do or already to to help relieve some of that stress. I know it helps me to always remind myself of my end goal, so I'm reminded no matter how stressed I may be feeling it will be worth achieving that end goal.

tiffaney dzioba avril 30, 2021, 00:12

Hi Serina, this is a great topic to talk about because its so common in so many peoples lives. School can get very stressful especially if you're taking multiple classes and it gets overwhelming and trying to study for all the classes and having test side by side. I would have to agree with you that time management it very important and can cause the stress levels to go down a lot. I learned how to manage all my classes half way through my semester and my stress levels went down so much and dont get me wrong I still get very stressed at times when I have test. But you did a very good job on this!

Catriona La Grassa avril 30, 2021, 16:44

Stress derived from school is a stress that I find to be unavoidable, as shown in your commentary, all students face some sort of stress. My question is how can students lower stress without lowering productivity. Time management is a good tool, though I think that stress coming from taking a test is hard to avoid. This topic is great, you did a great job covering this topic.

Jonas Beauvoir mai 1, 2021, 00:29

Hello Serina! Stress is a prominent factor in everyone's lives, no matter what age you are. Stress is shown mostly through children and adults, as their responsibilities sometimes become a burden and ultimately lead to anxiety. In addition, medical students, unfortunately, suffer an unbearable amount of stress due to the substantial material that is involved in the medical field. This unbearable stress becomes very unhealthy and drains your physical and mental well-being. The results demonstrated that not only everyone goes through stress, but also that stress is a worldwide issue. Although everyone goes through stress, my question is how do people really take the time to recognize where different areas of stress come from?

Nayeli Ynoa mai 1, 2021, 02:54

Hello Serina, this research you chose is very interesting. Us being students and having to take our classes online could relate to this research. Honestly it is all about how students manage their time. They need to make sure they complete their assignments on time and make time for themselves and friends. Other students also have work to worry about which could be another reason for stressing.

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