chap 27, day 1

As I read my chapter, I came up with somewhat of an understanding that when one makes an action it cannot be undone and when one has a strength to keep on striving for self-gain. When having great strength, one should never abandon what abilities they have, because having such great superiority in a specific topic one should feel as if they are the best at what they do. Supposedly when one “masters” a skill(s) they are not able to make mistakes, where I’m led to believe with such great abilities when one finally “masters” their skill(s) along their journey one has to make multiple mistakes. As I continue to review my chapter I’m being lead to the understanding that the teacher is the to blame when one does wrong, the student follows what is taught and when someone is at fault the student is not left to blame, yet the teacher is the one who is… but, a teacher can only have a student’s attention for such a period of time before they start to wonder, if one respect their teacher, their material will be as taught with minimal faults to be done.

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