Chapter 80, Day 0ne

 When this assignment was given, I was honestly not expecting much. Even if I developed an interest towards the Chinese ancient thought since the beginning of the course, I initially thought The Daodejing was going to be a complicated book to understand. I was positively astonished when I read my chapter. 

What surprised me the most is that even thought this book has a lot of history behind it, it can still relate to our present time and present lives. Lessons can still be learned from it in our century. I find it amazing that this can be possible after all this time.

"Make sure that even though there are labour saving tools, they are never used." I don't know why but this particular sentence made me think about our roots. About where we all come from. Our family and its heritage. Have you ever thought about how your great grand-parents lived? I look around me and there's so much things that I use daily and that didn't existed in their time. Are those things really essential to our life even if we use them all the time?

Enough reflections for tonight!

再見 (Good bye)

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