Eating insects around the world

In the article "The Tastiest Way to Save the Planet," by Liesl Ulrich-Verderber, published in Ever Widening Circles, the author discusses cultural relativism. This article explains the benefits of eating insects and why we should include them in our diet. Insects are very nutritious and don't require a lot of resources to produce, compared to meat. Numerous people around the globe consume insects as a part of their diet and enjoy it. Cultural Relativism is relevant in this article because, in America, the idea of eating insects seems disgusting. But disgust is a learned attitude; we acquire what we believe should be repugnant. The cultural relativism approach is used to avoid judging cultural habits of another group. Instead of judging people for eating insects, one should instead ask, why does this culture eat insects? By asking this question, you may learn that insects are full of protein and healthy fats. But, cultural relativism is a perspective that promotes a lack of diversity. What makes our world beautiful is that everybody has their own practices and opinions. If everybody thinks and act the same, it defeats the point of cultural relativism.

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