Entertainment in the United States

By: Hope Hegwood & Kosta Bourkoulas

 In the United States, entertainment is a big factor to a lot of people’s everyday life. Nowadays, a big form of entertainment is video games, kids now play video games daily. Music is another big factor of entertainment is someone’s everyday life, when you are passing by someone outside or even in the halls of school, someone is always listening to music. Outdoor activities such as taking walks, riding bikes, or going on hikes has played a major part in entertainment since being in a global pandemic. During the time before the pandemic, things like concerts, the theaters, and amusement parks were things people in the United States wanted to go to every year during the warmer seasons. Entertainment is a precious thing Americans want to hold on to.


Suba Subbarao teacher avril 11, 2021, 10:12

Which group were you in, Hope and Kosta?

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