The article chosen is “Covid: Lockdown had major impact on mental health” written by Anna Collinson. article suggests that according to new research by the University of Glasgow that examined the effect of the covid-19 on the UK’s they see an impact on the mental health, including increased rates of suicidal thoughts especially on young people and women. The lockdown said to be essential to protect the general population, but it can have “profound and long-lasting” effect on mental health. There’s a creeping rise in the suicidal thought which is significant because of the short period of time they happened. Professor O’Connor said that things will be particularly challenging this winter when the UK return to strict measures once again. But all four departments of health in the UK put in place measure to manage the impact of the pandemic on people mental health as in England. The ethical dilemma here is whether we put a lockdown that will have an impact on mental health of the young population and woman for a long period of time or we take of the lockdown and infect many more people from the covid and maybe kill the older.


Jhon Rawls a philosopher that wrote “A Theory of Justice” ensure the rules are well-chosen, he is for the justice. In this case Rawls would take of the lockdown even if the covid can kill the older population, Rawls suggest that we “don’t know who you are in the society:” so he would choose the rules without considering your personal situation. The social contract and morality itself are created by humans for humans and by this ideas people will live together in society with the agreement of the risk of the covid for older people and the moral thinking of protection the mental health of our younger generation and save them from suicide which is the political rules. Choosing rules required being concerned with future generation to let them have a “free and good” life.


I choose to respond to this summary because I thought the main cause of the climate change are well explain and the text is clear. The text makes me understand where the carbon dioxide does is released from, when oil, coal and gas, fossil fuels, are being burnt. The social contract of Jhon Rawls a philosopher would express his theory threw justice. We need to make law and decision for our future generation, which is to cut the greenhouse gas to let the future generation live in a world as we know now to be «fairer». The justice would be to provide a better world for everybody. To cut the greenhouse gas Rawls would go for renewable energy which is one step forward for a sustainable future.

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