OK, I honestly have no idea how I should start this bio but I am giving it a go sooo.. Yeah.

My name is Abdul Hadi Elaarag and I am originally from Palestine but I have never actually been there since the day I was born. I was born in Saudi Arabia, and I have lived there for most of my life before coming here to study at Vanier's Pure & Applied Sciences Program. To be honest, the only reason why I joined this program is because I have absolutely no clue of what I want to do in the future, and so since this program allows me to do whatever I want in university, I have stuck to it.

Although I am pretty skinny, food to me is basically heaven, and you would be surprised by the amount of food I can fit in my stomach. Also, I want to say that I am a very lazy guy that loves to sleep for ridiculous periods of time (I say ridiculous because I probably will break a sleeping record sometime in the future as I have slept for more than 18 hours a couple of times), but then again, I am not that lazy since I enjoy playing soccer more than I enjoy eating. I also practice other sports like tennis, ping pong, swimming, volleyball, and badminton. Last but not least, I have had the chance to experience doing some crazy things like bungee jumping and sky diving which I really enjoyed.

I'm hoping this gives you an idea of the type of person I am, although it could be that this is only the person who I think I am.. I'll leave this for you to figure out. Anyway, I am looking forward to work with you all and hopefully, our summer semester won't turn out to be as tedious as I thought it would be.

(Also I have no idea why I chose to put 3 ice cubes as the picture)

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