Life is a Never Ending Trip

Hi there, my name is Alexia Rose Sherland! This is a small take away of my personal life and how I view life as a whole through some of life changing events!

In life; passions change, issues arise more frequently and you learn a little bit more about yourself. When having to talk about yourself, especially in a positive light-it is tremendously hard to do in the sense that as homo sapiens we downgrade ourselves through are flaws in order to feel some form of pity or sympathy from others. None the less that is not to say that inspiration is something that is hard to find (only if you are continuously searching for it). My greatest passion is discovering life for what it is rather than ‘just going through the motions’ and ‘hoping for the best’. I strive for greatest, while realizing that with success does not come without some form of failure before.

The ideals of hard work scare many people (more like the idea of failure), meanwhile for me failure is inevitable while being in a completive sport such as; wrestling. I have been wrestling for approximately 13 years and I am only 20 years old! I still have much to learn and discover especially about myself. Through wrestling I was able to re-enhance my work ethics in a new way that is more productive and efficient for everyday life. Furthermore, wrestling has given me more opportunities that I would have never would have gained without adventuring to Montréal. I am originally from Toronto, Ontario and moved to Montréal about 3 years ago by myself. The idea of leaving behind family was not the issue it was having to go through arising issues in my new day-to-day lifestyle. I cannot say that that high school was a place of growth, rather than a setback. But, as I said before success does not come without failure. In this case my down fall in high school was that teachers were not uplifting or inspirational while my small success was that I was able to attend the same high school that my father was teaching at (also the wrestling coach) and discover that my wrestling was going to need a new angle of development that my coaches (mainly father) would not be able to give me, based on the fact that resources were lacking greatly (coaching staff, knowledge).

I plan for greatest and welcome failure with open arms because I cannot be afraid of life. If you are afraid of life, then death is inevitable. Through all the heart aches in life, there is always something that you can take away from the experience.

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