Outdoor activities in the U.S. And Costa Rica

Camping in the U.S. :

In Michigan many people like to participate in Camping. When camping in Michigan, we often have barbecues or large parties where we participate in party games,have plenty of drinks and dance to music. Most people in Michigan camp in summer or fall with the intention to enjoy the holidays like the fourth of July. Or, in the fall Many people in Michigan like to hunt while they are camping. Hunting is very common when camping due to the need for food and the simple fact that both activities overlap very nicely. The common animals that are hunted are Deer, Elk, Turkey, Pheasant, Duck and many other species.


Some people in Michigan also participate in mountain biking while they are camping or backpacking. It is an excellent way to see the forests and overlooks of the mountain ranges.


On many occasions during camping, hiking is the main aspect of the adventure. Many people like to hike mountain ranges to see the countryside and beautiful scenery that the state has to offer. Many people here also upload these occasions to social media. We share in songs and stories by campfires as well.


The important materials we take on camping trips include paracord, ropes, tents, bug spray, freeze dried meals, axes or hatchets, animal pepper spray, and in some cases people will bring a firearm.


Camping in Costa Rica:

Many people around the world enjoy camping. In Costa Rica, it is also very common for people to camp. When people have free time, they usually reunite with their friends and family members for travel, and they take walks in the forest or to see volcanoes. It is a beautiful experience and interesting for nature lovers due the diversity of fauna and flora. There is much to see in the mountainous regions of the country, so the intention is to visit new places such as rivers and waterfalls. There are also many animals to see in the environment such as: birds, toucans, limpets, parrots, iguanas, snakes, monkeys, jaguars, lazy, raccoons, coyotes, a variety of the frogs, and much more. 

The campers like to take pictures of these things to publish on social media, and at night they sit on the edge of a campfire while sharing together and commenting on their experiences and stories and share songs.

During the night in a camp, it is beautiful to observe the sky full of stars.

When we are going to go camping it is necessary to bring: water bottles, a lighter, garbage bags, towels, comfortable clothes and shoes, a sweater, a flashlight, a pocket knife, insect repellent, ropes, a tent, a sleeping bag and cell phones.


Group 5:

Gavin Podzikowski, Kevin Weeks - U.S.

Allison Martinez, Alejandra Sanchez, Yailin Soto Soto - Costa Rica

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