The Problem with Today's Agriculture

The purpose of the text written by Matthew Zampa was to show a major problem related to agriculture. As of right now, not only in Canada but also all over the world, the goal of agriculture is not to feed people, but to make money. Therefore, companies produce as much as they can to sell as much as they can. To do this, a lot of food, water and land goes to growing livestock, which is detrimental to the environment. According to the author, livestock produces methane which is very harmful to the atmosphere. Livestock industry is responsible for at least 37% of all GHG emissions. The author continues by saying that if there are no changes to our behavior regarding this issue, global warming will only increase. We must all reduce our meat consumption since it is currently way to high: the average American currently eats the equivalent of 800 hamburgers in meat every year.

This issue is also something that touches me because there are so many solutions that I do not understand why it is still a massive issue. If everyone reduced their meat consumption by only 20% it would already have a great impact on the planet. 20% is not a lot, considering everyone who is already vegetarian or vegan. However, I also think that action must be taken from the companies who own the means of production. If they do not stop producing as much livestock as they do right now, we will not be able to move forward a healthier agriculture.


Carolanne Valence avril 21, 2021, 17:08

This article's summary and analysis are very clear and concise. We can easily understand every important point made. I do believe that this article states some really good points, especially when talking about how the purpose of agriculture has changed. I agree with the opinion part, we do need to make some changes in our alimentation, 20% is not a lot, and it could truly make a difference in the rate of production. Overall, this is a really good article shedding light on an important issue.

mariam jama avril 28, 2021, 22:11

I like your summary of the article chosen, it goes directly to the point and we are able to simply perceive the purpose made. Your statement about the industry of agriculture is more concentrated on making money that food, I feel it really true. Indeed, when we look how many wastes of food and that is more about a problem distribution of the food in the world that an overproduction. As you said we must take changes the faster possible and we talk about the reduction of meat since a few moments now, but we need to make a real impact. I agree with you, 20% is not a lot and can be achieved. However, we can still ask if there are other solutions because even if it is the most efficient, it will be complicate and take time to enroll the people. All in all, I really appreciated your article and opinion on it.

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